Misinformation About Fire Safety is Dangerous

Our Industry Wants You to Know the Facts

At the American Wood Council, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our homes and buildings and the first responders who protect us. Our staff provides regulators and fire services with the science-based research they need to develop effective building codes and safely respond to fires. Watch to learn how the lumber industry is committed to building a safe, resilient future.

Contrary to misinformation generated by competitors, and as evidenced by the following example incidences from just the last three years, fire is a danger for all buildings and construction sites - regardless of building material. The data doesn't lie: cooking and heating are the most common causes of home fires, regardless of structural material. Fires start in the contents and furnishings we bring into our homes, and occur in concrete, steel, masonry, and wood buildings alike. What is most important is building to code to ensure safe buildings for occupants and first responders.

We've built lasting relationships with local authorities based on truth, science, and accountability to our communities. We also support fire safety professionals with training materials, tools and fire testing they need to safely respond to fires. Learn more about construction fire safety at ConstructionFireSafety.org.