Tall Mass Timber Buildings are growing in popularity because of their strength, resilience and efficiency. These mass timber buildings are also cost effective and have been built with less disturbance to the surrounding community because of the ease and speed of construction using mass timber components. These buildings are examples of Tall Mass Timber Buildings (TMTB) approved by local officials and built under local codes. The ICC Ad Hoc Committee on Tall Wood Buildings has made proposals to ensure that the IBC remains relevant and provides local officials with the tools they need to ensure future mass timber buildings meet the highest standards.

Brock Commons, Canada

Brock Commons

(Credit: Brudder, naturallywood.com)

Brock Commons, a student residence building at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, is currently the tallest mass timber building in the world. Brock Commons was completed in 2017 and stands 174 feet tall.

Carbon 12, United States

Carbon 12

(Credit: carbon12pdx.com)

Carbon 12 is a luxury condo building in Portland, Oregon that is currently the tallest mass timber building in the United States. Completed in 2017, Carbon 12 was built with cross-laminated timber (CLT) and stands 85 feet tall.

LifeCycle Tower ONE, Austria

LifeCycle Tower One

(Credit: CREE Buildings)

The LifeCycle Tower ONE is an office building located in Dornbirn, Austria, that was completed in 2012. Primarily made of glulam wood beams, LifeCycle Tower ONE is 89 feet tall and was erected within eight days of the foundation being finished.

Wood Innovation and Design Centre, Canada

Wood Innovation and Design Centre

(Credit: MGA)

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre located in Prince George, British Columbia serves as a hub for the development of innovative uses of wood, and houses academic, government, and industry tenants. The WIDC was built with CLT floor panels and glulam columns, and was the tallest modern all-timber building at 97 feet tall at the its completion time.

Forte, Australia


(Credit: Keith Webb)

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Forte is a 10 story apartment building completed in 2012. The tower was the first Australian building made with CLT and is 106 feet tall.

T3, United States


(Credit: Ema Peter/MGA)

Completed in 2016, T3 (timber, technology, transportation) is a mixed office and retail building in Minneapolis, Minnesota. T3 was built with nail-laminated timber (NLT) and is 7 stories tall.

Puukuokka, Finland


(Credit: Mikko Auerniitty)

Puukuokka is an apartment complex comprised of three 6-8 story buildings in Kuokkala, Finland. It was built using CLT and was completed in 2015.

Treet, Norway


(Credit: Sweco/Artec)

Treet is a luxury apartment building located in Bergen, Norway, completed in 2015. Built with mass timber glulam columns and CLT walls, Treet was completed in 2015 and stands 160 feet tall.

Wenlock Cross, United Kingdom

Wenlock Cross

(Credit: Hawkins Brown)

Wenlock Cross is an apartment building completed in 2015 in London, UK. Wenlock Cross was built with a CLT hybrid structure and is 10 stories tall.

Cenni di Cambiamento, Italy

Cenni di Cambiamento

(Credit: European CEO)

Cenni di Cambiamento is a social housing apartment complex located in Milan, Italy. Completed in 2013, the complex is composed of four 9 story towers and 2 story connector buildings made with CLT panels.